Is It Time to Replace WhatsApp? Rival App Comes Up with an Awesome Feature We Have All Been Looking Out For

Have you ever regretted sending a WhatsApp message to someone? There may have been times when you had something in mind, but landed up sending something else by mistake using the WhatsApp messenger service. You must have tried to edit the sent message, but you would have been unsuccessful in your attempt.


One of the rivals of the world’s most popular messaging app has now come up with a solution to this problem and it can possibly convince many people to switch from using WhatsApp to their service. Telegram has recently announced that users will now be able to edit their conversations after they have been sent. A message that was posted on their blog states that users can now edit the text of their messages after sending them. It also states that this works across all the Telegram chats, which includes groups and the one-on-one conversation.

The new feature is set to work when users simply tap and hold on to a message for editing it. Once the users have changed what they originally wrote, the messages will show up a small edited label so that it is easy to figure out which ones were altered. WhatsApp currently does not allow its one billion users to edit the messages sent using their service.

Telegram recently stated that it now has a hundred million monthly active users, with three hundred and fifty thousand new users signing up each and every day; it is now delivering close to fifteen billion messages daily. This brand-new feature may see that number increase. It is certainly not bad news for WhatsApp fans as it is soon coming with a new video calling function, which will be updated shortly.

Fonearena recently stated that the latest beta app for Android has the video calling options for some of the users. WhatsApp has not commented on its plans for launching video calling, but it expected to see some changes in the coming months. WhatsApp had recently announced the official Windows and Mac desktop app. The app will be the exact copy of the conversations as well as messages on the phone and it is available to everyone who has a computer that runs on Windows 8+ or Mac OS 10.9+.

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