Ikea Likely to Boost its Retail Sector in London

On Thursday, the Swedish retail giant, Ikea announced that it is going to open a store covering 270,000 square feet at Highway 401 and Wellington Road by the year 2019. In order to expand its customer base in London, Ikea has decided to visit the homes in London.

The President of Ikea Canada, Marsha Smith said that they are going to conduct an online survey where staff members will be visiting 50 homes and customize the company’s offerings on the basis of the interests and tastes of the residents in London. These home visits will also help them what type of goods they must stock in their stores. Ikea has decided to design its rooms after these home visits. They are going to incorporate some common themes and features of architecture that are liked by the people.

The new store of Ikea will be creating a job opportunity for about 150 people. This expansion is a part of their much aggressive plan according to which the number of stores in Canada are going to get doubled and become a total of 24. London was chosen for expansion after a detailed analysis was performed about the economic growth of the city. The pick-up store of Ikea on Wonderland Road has become quite popular.

Marsha Smith also said that their collection point has been fantastic in London and they have cemented their decision after understanding that London has a lot of potential growth and an appetite for Ikea.

The Chief Executive of London Economic Development Corp, KapilLakhotia, said that the opening of the new Ikea store is a healthy sign of London’s growth story and economy. He also added that since London is a commercial hub for attracting shoppers from all regions, it is very exciting to incorporate Ikea in the city.

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